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          Welcome: Shandong Juning Machinery Co., Ltd.
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Company Profile

          Our History

          The company was established in 2017 as a construction machinery enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales, and spare parts services.JUNMACH specializes in producing track shoes and cutting edges of bulldozers, excavators, and other models, Relying on the advanced machining lines, after three years of development, now the annual production capacity can reach 60000 tons.

          Now we have become the designated supplier of famous earthmoving equipment manufacturers such as XCMG, SANY.At the same time, as the OEM supplier of the well-known international distributor. Our product was delivered to more than 110 countries.

          Our Factory

          Shandong Juning Machinery Co., Ltd( JUNMACH ), is located in Jining High-TECH Development Zone, Shandong Province.The company introduced advanced production equipment and an efficient MES production management system.

          We have numbers of automatic electronic control Heat Treatment Production Line, Machining production Line, and automatic Painting Production Line.

          Our quality testing laboratory has advanced quality testing equipment, and inspection from raw materials to the finished goods ensures the high-quality product.Through the effective combination of software and hardware, production efficiency is greatly improved, and accurate and timely delivery is provided for customers.

          Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, Through the continuous innovation and Reliable Products, we are supplying to our customers with high quality goods and efficient service,JUNMACH will be a reliable friend for you.

          Our Service

          We have a professional sales team which can provide customers with perfect pre-sales service.With a professional system, we can confirm the production status of orders for customers at any time, allowing customers to accurately control the delivery time of their orders.A complete quality inspection team can eliminate any quality problems before the products leave the factory.

          And any customer's after-sales problems will be feedback and solved in the shortest possible time.Your needs will be answered at any time.

          our commitment to our customers wish(我們對顧客的承諾)

          *always deliver what is promised

          *always build long term relationships

          *Large amount of stock always available

          *always put service first in every situation

          *always supply guaranteed quality products

          *always provide unrivalled technical expertise

          CONTACT US

          Contact: Manager Billy

          Phone: +86-15562293122

          Tel: +86-537-2630028


          Add: Hongji Road,High-TECH Zone,Jining City, Shandong, China

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